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Fees and expenses

Mploy likes to be transparent. We prefer to make clear and transparent agreements, especially with regards to our fees and expenses.


Our fees vary depending on the experience and specialty of the lawyer who is handling your case, the difficulty of your case, the urgency of your case and the final outcome. That’s why we make agreements about our fees in advance. Generally, we use a fixed hourly rate and provide you with a detailed overview of the hours we have put into your case. The first meeting will be charged based on this hourly rate as well. Another possibility is a fee based on the outcome of your case. A “no cure no pay” agreement is however not possible. Our interventions and performances will always be charged.


The expenses are divided between office expenses and other expenses. Office expenses are charged by a flat-rate and involve the costs for opening a file, written correspondence, faxes, e-mails, copies and travel costs. Other expenses involve bailiff fees, expert fees, judicial fees, etc.


At the start of each case, and during the case, we charge advances. If needed, we can provide you with an interim invoice.

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