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Why and how can we help you?

Labour law and social security law. A maze through which only the most experienced guides can guide you safely. That is why we at MPLOY specialize solely on this field. Our lawyers regularly give trainings and courses, and speak at seminars  on different relevant social law topics.



For employers

Every employer has the right to the best advice, because working with employees is a delicate game of rights and obligations.

-        We provide advice and draw up the necessary documents (labour contracts, internal labour regulations, policies,…).

-        We negotiate with unions and employees.

-        We argue your case in court.

-        We carry out social audits.

-        We provide guidance during inspections.

-        We provide assistance and advice concerning collective labour relations (drawing up and negotiating collective labour agreements, restructurings, consultative bodies).


For employees

As an employee, you are entitled to specialised advice when you want your employer to treat you correctly. 

-        We offer you independent advice concerning dismissal schemes, supplementary pensions, harassment (bullying) at work, discrimination, etc…

-        If needed, we argue your case in court.


People benefitting from social insurance

Social security regulations become more complicated every day. The (financial) stakes are often quite high.

-        If you have any questions regarding your pension, unemployment benefits, medical insurance, labour accident, etc., you can turn to us for answers.

-        We are used to unravelling the most complex situations, and shed light on them.

-        The social security bodies are no strangers to us. We support you during any disputes with these bodies, even in court if need be.


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Occupational accidents

There are approximately 170.000 occupational accidents every year in Belgium, and one deadly occupational accident every two days.Read more

Labour organisation

Anyone who employs people, has to follow the rules.Read more

Privacy at work

Internet, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, GPS-systems,… New media and technology has long found its way into the work place.Read more

Social audit

Years of experience had taught us that, in order to efficiently advise our clients, we need to know all aspects of human resources policy and management. Organisations grow and evolve. So does the legislation and regulations.Read more


Every day, we handle dismissal cases. Which notice needs to be given, what severance package needs to be paid? Were the formalities of the dismissal respected? What about outplacement? How can one determine whether there are grounds for dismissal for cause, and what are the time limits that need to be taken into account? Can an employer unilaterally change the employment conditions, and what are the consequences if he does?Read more

Restructuring – transfer of undertakings – mergers

The corporate world is ever-changing. Mergers, take-overs, restructurings. They all have an impact on the employees. When taking over a company, you probably have to take over the staff (and all their rights and duties) too. There are some exceptions though. When facing a collective...Read more

Social security

If you ever have a dispute with the National Social Security Office (NSSO), it’s very important to be well-prepared. The stakes are usually very high, since the NSSO is allowed to not only claim the actual social security contributions which were not paid, but also contribution mark-ups and interests. On top of that, the NSSO can go back at least three years.Read more

Wages and extra-legal advantages

Both the employee and the employer want to see good work and results being rewarded. What are the different possibilities? What are the best ways to (para)fiscally optimise the advantages given to the better employees within the legal framework?Read more

Consultative bodies

Union representation, the committee for prevention and protection at work, the work’s council. They each have specific competences and...Read more

Social criminal law

At some point or another, every employer gets a visit from a social inspector. Announced or unannounced. We will advise and support you in word and deed.Read more

Hiring and employing

Good contracts prevent a lot of problems. One cannot overestimate the importance of clear agreements. Read more